Lost in Space- Imagination of a philosopher

Lost in space

Reference:- thousands of thoughts are protest in my mind about, about I don’t know, i just writing that thought in this article that namely Lost in space. As is the usual, I look through my self-made spyglass gazing through the intermittent hues of lights that flicker well past the distant skyline. How my thoughts beginning … Read more

Thou That Shalt Not Be Named


I was out for a few days. Been down with that “flu” again. It was the last day of winter, can’t wait to get it over with and move forward to spring and say goodbye to that snow, that fog, that cold, those pestering mechanisms that seem to trigger my preternatural undefined and up-to-now weakness … Read more

Barreling The Pork

Barreling The Pork

At the start of the new government under President Noynoy Aquino, I do understand that former congressman and secretary Butch Abad is going to have a juicy post. In fact I expected it. After all, he was Noynoy’s campaign manager at the last election. On a personal note, I would love to see him back … Read more