choosing a perfect domain name guide 2022

Choosing a perfect domain name when we want to start blogging, there are several important steps to start blogging. These include choosing a perfect niche of website, choosing a perfect hosting network, choosing an affiliate network, and one of the most important steps is choosing a perfect domain name. choosing a perfect domain name is not as easy as you think because a bad domain name is directly affected by the ranking of the website that you created several factors should be considered while choosing a domain name. You should consider several factors before choosing a domain name.

10 steps to follow before choosing a domain name

Several factors should consider while choosing a perfect domain name listed below pointwise

  1. Choose a short domain name

    Why you should choose a short domain name is because if your domain name is long then people/ visitors/ customers when then typing your domain name, there is a risk to they mistyping or misspelling while they search on the internet, they show error on the screen and also internet suggests other results which may be having your competitor.  But if the domain name is short then anyone can type it easily, which gets your website/ blog easily. 
  2. It should be easy to remember

    We know that millions of domain names got already resistor on the internet and millions of websites are runs already on the internet. Then how do peoples remember or identify with your website. If your domain name is easy to remember, then people memorize your website name & they can search whenever they want to visit your website.
  3. Domain name should be easy to type

    If your domain name is short and easy to remember, but which not easy to type, then people try to type for visiting your website, peoples gets harder to visit your website, hence keep it in mind.
  4. Don’t make complex structures

    A perfect domain name has a simple structure, it means it does not contains any type of special characters, hyphens, number, etc. at least avoid special characters and hyphens. want to use numbers in your domain name, you can use them if it is very necessary to your niche of website For example; if you want to build a news website and you can take a domain name similar to which is suitable according to the site’s niche. Otherwise, try to avoid numbers also.
  5. Know more about domain name

    If you have an idea in your mind to create a website & according to that idea you want to resister a domain name, then do proper research on that domain name before registration. Such as domain name having any trademark, copyrights name of any company, organization. If you do not research then they can take legal action against you or they can suspend your domain name. After that, you loss your all work. For example; “” in this domain name here contains a trademark of Google. Similarly research all these types of domain name before resister.
  6. Target keywords in the domain name

    A domain name is related to the niche of the website and the maximum domain name does not contain keywords, but you should try to include smaller keywords in a domain name. by this, your chances are high for ranking on google. For example; if your website niche is related to technology to technical news then you should try to resister
  7. Consider your locality

    If you are making a website for a specific area, then you should consider some local keywords in your domain name which is easy to find & remember for the local people in that area.
  8. Choose a top-level domain  extension

  9. Choosing a perfect domain name



    This is an important step while choosing a perfect domain name. Maximum peoples doing mistakes with this step, they do not choose a top-level domain name extension, due to this reason you do not gets ranking on google and which is very risky and anyone can’t remember your domain name’s extension.  If you use a top-level domain extension in your domain name which everyone memorizes and you can take easily google AdSense approval on your site. .com, .net, .org, .in,, .biz, and .blog this is the top-level domain name extensions that you should in your domain name and you can choose a domain extension that fits your website niche. If you have to create a cricket website then you should use the .cricket extension.

  10. Choose a trusted domain name registrar 

    There are several domain name resister companies on the internet, where you can register your domain name on resister companies. But all of these websites are not trusted or safe to register a domain name. Only some of them are safe & trusted such as Godaddy, Bigrock, Namecheap & more, to know more about that websites. You should research on the internet & then select one of them to register your domain name.
  •   # Last but not a list – Take it fast

By considering all the points which I mentioned above and if you select anyone perfect domain name & which is available on the website, then you should not late for resister that domain name, because millions of people searching & register domains daily for blogging or their business website, hence take it a fast action to buy/ resister it.

Because there is no guarantee that the domain name will be available after some time.

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