how to weight lose fast in 2 weeks 10 kg

Had enough of those extra pounds you’re carrying? Never seen any long-term results from popular celebrity fad diets that keep popping up everywhere? Decide you want to lose weight and How to lose weight this year ? I will telling in this article.

you have come to the right place! We have collected tried-and-tested methods to lose weight to help you along:

Follow the following instructions for weight lose

#1 Take a ‘before’ photo of your journey

This will help you with motivation. The ‘before’ photo keeps you focused on losing the pounds. Weekly or monthly photos will show you, you are making progress, and this you are less likely to fall of the wagon.

#2 Increase ‘good’ foods in your diet

Instead of saying NO to all things sweet and full of fat, eat everything in moderation. Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can. This way you will feel fuller quicker, have a balanced blood sugar level and therefore you will be less likely to turn to high fat or sugar snacks.

#3 Cut out sugary drinks

These are speedily glugged but are highly calorific. Stick to water- flavor with slices of fruit or herbs like mint. Alcohol contains a lot of calories too, so sadly you need to reduce your wine intake too.

#4 Stash healthy snacks

Keep fruits and small healthy snacks at work and in your bag. It helps you from turning to unhealthy snacks when the afternoon dip beckons.

#5 Portion control for weight lose

Eat your food off a smaller plate. You trick your brain into eating less as it thinks the plate has more food on it since it is totally filled. Order either a dessert OR main with your main- not both.

#6 Brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth after dinner makes you less likely to overindulge again before you go to bed. Drinking water is perfect during this time so you are rehydrating yourself, and are less likely to feel hungry. Just make sure to not drink too close to bed time- or you will need the toilet throughout the night.

#7 Increase activity level

It could be daily walks with your dog, dancing or team sports. To shed more pounds, increase your activity level from 1h to 1h 20min or from two days of sports to three days of sports. Results will be quicker!

#8 Stay away from fad diets!

You will only feel horrible, begin bad habits and look like death warmed up. Also, it has been proven that fad diets only help you get rid of fat for a period of time. Once you return to your normal habits, your pounds came back and you can even end up weighing more than when you started the diet.

#8 Read some health quotes

With these simple steps, you will lose weight in no time! Why not start today…


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