Planning to wedding – how to plan

Are you ready to tie the knot with the man of your life? To plan your perfect wedding, here is a compilation of advice that will make your Big Day more enjoyable for everyone and the journey to it stress-free. Here, i am giving you some tips for a planning to wedding that you should be include in your planning to wedding

#1 Be organized

Prepare a folder to keep everything in: Clippings, venues, contacts, to-do-list, price lists, etc. Organize the folder in a way that works for you. Having everything in one place will help you be more focused.

#2 Don’t rush

You know you will be getting married. There is no rush to do it straight away. Take your time to find the right venue for you and discuss with your fiancé what you both want for your Wedding Day.

Decide on a budget- and stick to it
This can cause a lot of stress and be the trigger for arguments between couples if not discussed properly. Whatever you do, do NOT skip this point… unless you are a billionaire.

Make a ‘wants’ and a ‘needs’ list
It’s easy to blow your budget early on if you don’t hold back on the ‘wants’. You need to first focus on what you need: venue, location, food and entertainment. Then you can go with the really expensive DJ if your budget still allows it.

#3 Don’t cut corners

Always hire professionals. Uncle Dave might take some nice photographs in his spare time, but what about after he has down a few pints in the evening? Book a professional photographer. Trust me.

#4 Make it personal

Stay true to yourself and personalize accordingly. This may be tricky if there is an overbearing mother or mother-in-law, but be strong. It’s YOUR day after all.

#5 Don’t try to be Superwoman

You can’t do everything yourself. Enlist friends and family to take on some smaller jobs, like organizing flowers and decorations. If people around you are not as reliable as you’d wish, book a wedding planner.

#6 One thing at a time

Don’t multitask: Stay focused with what needs to be organized. Give yourself at least 12 months to prepare comfortably, and tackle each item on your list one at a time.

#7 Paperwork

Deal with the legal paperwork first. It is not exactly exciting, but the quicker it’s done the quicker you can focus on more fun elements of the wedding planning.

#8 Check, check and check again

Call your venue, florist and wedding planner a week or two ahead to confirm everything. Do not leave anything to chance. You don’t want to run around like a headless chicken if the catering accidentally got the wrong date for your wedding.

#9 Hire a professional or recruit reliable friend to help

Having someone to handle the smooth running of your actual wedding day will save you a lot of stress. And you will enjoy your wedding so much more.

#10 Have fun!

Focus on having fun rather than worrying about small details. Like cutlery, on your Big Day. Dance on various types of music Let the photographer catch your huge smile rather than a unflattering frown line. This is YOUR wedding day after all. Enjoy!

#11 Checkout some wedding quotes

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