what is a blog, blogging, blog vs website complete guide

If you don’t have an idea about what is a blog, blogging, blog vs website, then you are came to right place because in this blog article i am telling about what is a blog, blogging, blog vs website in briefly. we know that, some peoples are write their daily routine in some kind of dairies, the matters written in that dairies, It may be a special date, moments, works or story. Some people write their article about any special own skill, ideas, invention, research in a books, newspapers, magazine. The information did not reach to the readers well, hence “Blog” is invented in 1994. Actually “Weblog” is invented, but after some time weblog is remove as a “Blog

Definition of Blog

According to ‘Wikipedia‘ – “a blog is a discussion or informational website published on the world wide web consisting of discrete, often informal dairy style text entries”,

But the simple definition of blog –

what is a blog, definition of blog
definition of blog


what is a blog, definition of blog

definition of blog in a simple word – “personal dairy which published on internet”.


What is blogging?

  • work to writing blog articles on internet is called ‘Blogging

Who is blogger?

  • a blogger is a person which writing a blogs.

Scope of Blogging?

There are over 600 millions blogs in the word today, out of the over 1.9billion website. And the number will increasing fast. Thousand of peoples are creating their blog daily and sharing their experience to the peoples, means that scope of blogging is increasing rapidly day by day.

Why should you start a Blog?

  • There are several reasons to start a blog some of them are to grow your business, popularity, publicity, skills, followings.
  • Yes blogging can make you famous/ celebrity
  • Blogging is help to grow your current business, you can get more customer, client, audience and you will able to provide best and fast service to your client.
  • And the popular reason to start a blog is the “Monetization“, you can monetize your blog after some time from blog starts.
  • Top famous companies are also makes blogs for growing there business and they telling about their company, business, services.

Some of business blog examples

  1. wix
  2. Hostinger
  3. GoDaddy
  4. Amazon
  5. Flipkart

Difference between Website and Blog

Blogs are a type of website, the only difference is that blogs have frequently updated content & websites tend to be much more static and is organized into pages.

structure of blog

Now a day bloggers are designed a blogs very attractive, stylish and good looking. But here i telling basic structure of blog. basic structure of blog

structure of blog
structure of blog

basic structure of blog consists of 7 important Terms.


  1. header : header is a first part of blog , there is blog name is written by bigger size with menu or navigation bar.
  2. Main part : when reader is reading there posts, will be open briefly, the main post consists a title, author name, date of publication, article post, feature image of blog article,
  3. Sharing and commenting section : In blog, sharing & commenting section must be available. after the end of blog there are comment option for commenting by readers can share there blog posts in different platforms of social media by using sharing tool.
  4. Sidebar : Inside the main blog post, the popular and latest posts must be listed for readers attraction.
  5. Footer : lastly the footer section is for the showing about short description of blog, author, some pages must be listed such as Privacy & policy, disclaimer, contact us with copyright credits.


How to start a blog ?

There are several way to create a own blog on internet, some of them are paid ways and a free ways. But according to the successful blogger , to start a blog for a long time you should choose the paid way. This said a “paid way” because of the need to buy some setup gears.

Steps to start a professional blog

  1. Buy domain name : To buy a domain names there are some trusted domain registrar and provides better services in a budget prices.
  1. Buy Hosting : To buy hosting, one platform is recommended by many successful bloggers that is a “Hostinger“. If you want to purchase hosting from hostinger then provides some extra features. such as
  • it gives domain also for complete 1 year
  • no need to buy domain separately
  • free SSL certificates
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • 30 days money back guaranty


Hope that you understand all the thinks such as what is a blog, blogging, blog vs website, if you have any query about any topic which in this article, then comment it in comment box i will reply to you in a comment box.


  1. Can we earn from free blog ?
  • yes

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